Strategic Consultation

The Art of Decision Making

strategic consultation

60 Minutes detailed discussion to help you take critical decisions. Clarify your doubts and build confidence

this consultation is meant to address 4 to 5 key questions

  1. This consultation is meant to give you clarity on your purpose of life
  2. Help you redirect and focus on your strengths according to your grahabalas
  3. Will analyse your curses and blessings that you are born with
  4. Will help you understand your past mistakes and analyse your current situation
  5. Will help you plan and focus on the near future
  6. If it’s a personal session will look into all your family member’s charts (4 maximum) and advise on areas where you need to be cautions
  7. Will prepare you for upcoming expenses, health risks, career risks, kids and parents health risks
  8. Before we start this session there will be more than 3 hours of research required to prepare answers for the session
  9. You can ask 4 to 5 important questions.

scope of discussion

  1. Detailed discussions about Family, Career, Health & Finance
  2. Transit analysis for Guru, Lord Shani, Rahu and Ketu
  3. Detailed Dasha analysis
  4. General discussions about Do’s and Don’ts for life
  5. Will have detailed discussion and provide guidance to plan your yearly finances, caution you for oncoming health risks for you and your family
  6. Any other questions related to the birthchart of the session

what to expect in strategic consultation

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Strategic Consultation can help you make informed, critical decisions and gain insight into the potential outcomes of your plans. With this guidance, you can validate an idea or plan, predict your near future, and focus on areas where you may find luck. Understanding the intentions of destiny can be a powerful tool in planning your future.

Astrovinod makes it Simple, Logical & Practical for you to plan with the help of Astrology

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