basic vastu analysis

Engineering Prosperity

Basic consultation

30 minutes basic discussion to answer your vastu related questions

this consultation is meant to address one or 2 key enquiries

  1. Basic opinion about vastu compliance for your
    1. Existing house
    2. New construction
    3. Work in progress
  2. Basic analysis to coreelate your difficulties with the house designe
    1. Financial difficulties
    2. Medical difficulties
    3. Career problems
    4. Business problems
  3. Just clarify one or two questions related to vastu of the building

Scope of discussion

  1. Ask questions about the placement of basic vastu elements like placement of doors, windows, gate etc..
  2. Get a quick opinion about your existing building plan. Objective answers
  3. Get a quick opinion about the blue print of your new project* (small to medium size projects)
  4. If you are having and difficulties in life that seems to correlate with vastu. Get it analyzed at a basic level to proceed to next level consultation

what to expect in basic consultation

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book your appointment. lets explore how vastu & astrology can help you find prosperity

Basic Consultation can help you in clarifying your simple vastu doubts about lucky direction, lucky color, simple remedies, choosing a rental property, buying decision for a ready to move in flat(small size)

Its not just directions, its the fate of the property that has to be understand

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