basic consultation

The Art of Timing

Basic consultation

30 Minutes of basic discussion to answer you 1 to 2 key questions. Just to help you out to clarify your doubts.

this consultation is meant to address one or 2 key enquiries

  1. What is my financial status this year or next?
  2. Should I be concerned about potential health problems in the near future?
  3. Can I go overseas to look for work?
  4. Is now an opportune moment to look for employment?
  5. Will my blocked funds be released soon?
  6. Am I making a wise decision to invest in a business now?
  7. Despite putting in a lot of effort, my business is still facing losses; when can I anticipate a turnaround?
  8. Is it a good time to purchase a property?
  9. Experiencing distress in the workplace, when will it conclude?

Scope of discussion

  1. General discussions about Family, Career, Health & Finance
  2. Basic Transit analysis for Guru & Lord Shani
  3. Basic analysis of Vimsottari dasa & other dashas
  4. Answers are just going to be yes or no with a basic explanation

what to expect in basic consultation

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Basic Consultation can assist in determining whether your timeframe is favorable or not. Answering one or two key inquiries can give you an idea of what to anticipate in a given period, such as monthly or quarterly. Should a sudden issue arise, it can help to identify the cause of the problem as well as the approximated duration of it.

Astrovinod makes it Simple, Logical & Practical for you to plan with the help of Astrology

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