Comprehensive Consultation

Explore Your Past, Present & Future

comprehensive consultation

90 Minutes Transformational session, Redefine your priorities, build focus, change mind set, predict & plan future

scope of discussion

  1. This will be more like a workshop. Plan your life with the help of Astrology.
  2. Will help you get a basic analysis of the vastu of your house as well
  3. Detailed discussions about Family, Career, Health & Finance, business
  4. Transit analysis for Guru, Lord Shani, Rahu and Ketu
  5. Detailed Dasha analysis
  6. Detailed discussions about Do’s and Don’ts for life
  7. Will have detailed discussion and provide guidance to plan your yearly finances, caution you for oncoming health risks for you and your family
  8. Any other questions related to the birthchart of the session

what to expect in strategic consultation

this consultation is a transformational session

  1. This consultation will be transformative, enabling you to shift your priorities and refocus.
  2. We will go over all the key elements of your life in depth to answer your questions and build your assurance.
  3. We will ready you mentally to confront uncertainties and get the most out of astrology in the near future.
  4. We will have a deep discussion about your social connections, and help you identify who will be beneficial and who may become a burden.
  5. We will analyze your partnerships and relationships in career, business, and family to help you identify areas of growth and potential. We will also provide insight on how to improve these relationships and create a more successful path forward.
  6. We will delve deeply into your medical astrology to uncover any potential health risks that may arise for you, your family, or your team. We will use our astrological expertise to identify areas where health risks may exist and provide strategies to help mitigate them.
  7. We will discuss your financial dynamics, focusing on how to manage money in both good and bad times.
  8. We will also do a basic analysis of your house vastu and guide you on basic changes

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Comprehensive consultation can help you re-evaluate your priorities, focus on the most important aspects, make life-changing decisions, plan your finances, prepare for potential future financial hardships, and manage financial windfalls.

Astrovinod makes it Simple, Logical & Practical for you to plan with the help of Astrology

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