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ASTROVINOD is a renowned Astrologer & Vastu Expert. He is that affable happy-go-lucky soul whose silos of astrological wisdom are hidden till he asks you, “tell me what you want to know”.

He has consulted famous Celebrities, Political leaders, Corporate leaders, Business owners, Entrepreneurs etc…

He is an expert in providing practical astrological solutions to complicated problems, emphasizing the importance of timing for effective decision making. Not only does he provide consultation, but he also trains the individual on how to be in the right place, meet the right people, and make decisions at the right time.

“My style of astrology is influenced simply by mapping your past, understanding your present, and planning your future. I can quantify your karma with pure mathematics and help you overcome your blocks. I call this analytical astrology“- Mr. Vinod Kumar

Mr. Vinod Kumar is a karmic activist, firmly rooted in the belief in a balanced and rational approach to all facets of life. His philosophical knowledge and mathematical precision, combined with his intuitive skills, make him an invaluable asset.

at the holy feet of Guruji. ambabhavani temple. bengaluru

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I was an employee of a multinational corporation in Bangalore, working as a Business Analyst. At a very young age, my mother passed away due to arthritis and other chronic illnesses. 

My mother was a kind and warm-hearted human being, and the trauma of losing her led me to ask questions and explore the concept of karma theory. This inevitably led me to the study of astrology and vastu. 

Initially, I studied vastu because my relatives and friends suggested that my mother’s death was due to certain vastu dosha, and my curiosity drove me to explore their opinion. While in college, I did casual research in astrology and vastu in parallel with my studies. 

After completing my MBA, I joined a well-paying job in a multinational corporation and experienced a challenging work life. I always had an unsettling feeling about my corporate career so i decided to become a consultant. By this time, I had already advanced to a higher level of astrology research and so I decided to pursue it as a profession. I found success quickly and soon established myself as an expert Astrology and Vastu advisor. Today, I am highly sought after and consulted by corporate leaders, politicians, and celebrities in India and other countries.

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Astrovinod is a renowned advisor with experience in providing advice and guidance to corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, political leaders, celebrities, and government authorities alike. His expertise and wisdom have been sought after by many, making him one of the most sought-after advisors in India.

Astrovinod makes it Simple, Logical & Practical for you to plan with the help of Astrology

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