Engage your audiance with an experience they will never forget

Guest speaker | workshop | Training

Engage your audience with an interesting and informative session that will be unforgettable

  1. Introductions to Astrology and Vastu, the divine and cosmic science.

  2. Corporate astrology and its applicability in business, career, corporate governance etc…

  3. How Employees can benefit from astrology in managing their career.

  4. How managers can benefit with astrology and vastu to improve productivity and efficiency

  5. How management can benefit with astrology to improve the accuracy of their decisions

  6. The concept of medical astrology – How you can prepare for medical complications mentally and financially in advance

what to expect in our Presentation or Workshop

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When we share knowledge we are not teaching others, we are enhancing our own knowledge in the process of training

Astrovinod is a gifted orator who will leave your audience speechless with his knowledge

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