General Astrology


General Horoscope of Analysis

Various aspects of life will be discussed. We will discuss topics like basic foundation of life, Personal finances, Health, relationships, Career. General luck regarding assets, business, liquidity position.

General Analysis will give clarity to the individual about his past and present situation. With this clarity the individual can plan his future better, mentally be prepared to face odds, seek advice to deal with future situations.

We provide following services

    • General Do’s & Don’ts of life
    • Various patterns of behaviour which are harmful for an individual’s prosperity
    • An idea about what may be the purpose of life
    • Analysis of lucky and unlucky aspects of life
    • Get an idea about good and bad time in near future
    • Timing of various important decisions like marriage, purchase of assets, travelling for career or education

For direct consultation

Please call and book your appointment to meet personally at the office or a common location for a detailed discussion