Corporate Astrology


Corporate Astrology

History has witnessed many dynasties raise and fall. Similar to such dynasties are todays corporate conglomerates. An important secrete of successful administration in those dynasties was astrology. Similarly, astrology is also used in today’s corporate world.

Under this service I will analyse the management or leadership team’s horoscope thoroughly and advise them on various business decisions.

The leadership teams luck is important and has a significant impact on business prosperity. Analysis of this luck’s support can help us take critical decisions regarding:

  • Expansion or downsizing of business
  • Investment decisions
  • Forecast business performance well in advance
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Compatibility of partnership
  • Marketing decisions
  • Hiring decisions at leadership levels
  • Change in business name
  • Reshuffling management team for better results
  • Lucky areas of business
  • Revenue forecast

These are the questions our customers ask most frequently

  • How to benefit from astrology in a corporate scenario?
  • We need the birth details of head of the company and key decision makers. We will caste their horoscope and calculate their dasa bhukthi. One of the reason for the companies poor performance would be onset of a kroora graha dasa or sade sathi. Once we know the luck of key people, management can further strategize and transfer decision making into lucky people in the team.
  • Can application of corporate astrology into my operations have any impact on revenue?
  • Yes…
    when the lead of any project is having good time his performance will be at its peak which will result in increased revenue
  • How often do we need to check the birth charts of key management people?
  • Their birth chart has to be analysed once every month and strategized to save efforts and money
  • Is muhurtham an important aspect for decision making and meetings?
  • Yes…
    When we organize meeting in good muhurtham or an auspicious time the chain of events will be supportive for following decisions. Electing muhurtham is always beneficial for following activities: - when management conduct key meetings like business development, investor meet, Public relations meet, business expansion decisions meet etc…

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