Career Astrology


Corporate Astrology

Planetary positions in a natal chart revel many secrets of career. When we critically analyse 10th house of a natal birth chart we can understand business fields and career paths that are lucky for the native.

The native can benefit from astrology in many ways. We can precisely calculate the onset of a lucky period and unlucky period when the native attends a job interview at a good time he can get that job with least efforts.

Career blockages occur and strange problems manifests when the native is passing through his tough time. People get frustrated and quit their jobs since they would not have any clue as to when things might turn around. When we calculate their lucky time the native can time his job change accordingly.

Many people aspire to travel abroad and earn higher packages. But in reality many such aspirants who travel abroad return without jobs and financial broke. Before such endeavour is planned when we analyse the birth chart once if the native is going through unlucky time he can either drop or procrastinate his relocation plans. This would save time, money and efforts.

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    • Key dates for career decisions

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